You decide how we may support you. We act as consultants, as experts, as experts in project assignment, or we support your daily business. We place our well-founded specialist knowledge in banking and technology at your disposal.


We quickly familiarise ourselves with your processes and problems. As we are outside consultants, you benefit from our independent insights. With Campanini, you engage change-makers.

Clean Processes

Only clean processes are good processes. First of all that applies to the processes of the project itself. We care for overview and transparency, making use of our empathy and stamina. We make sure that all stakeholders involved see clearly.

Conceptual Design

We know what matters most when it comes to the cooperation between IT and accounting departments in banks. Therefore, we crucially question the requirements of both sides and align them according to the project’s objective.


We believe in comprehensive documentation in order to support the know-how transfer from the outside into the inside of your corporation. Only what is clear and comprehensible will be used by your employees on a daily basis.


We can rely on our excellent network of partners in the most various business contexts. Benefit from our distinguished contacts.