About the meetings of the Interest Group Tosca

08.02.2019 – Web-Session and exchange of experiences

Tricentis Distributed Execution

Thomas Stocker, Director of Product Management at Tricentis, presented the upcoming DEX new developments for 2019 during our web-session. We also gained an outlook on 2020. We learned which features are waiting for the TOSCA users and how they will enhance usability and efficiency. We experienced the updates as in step with actual practice and as suitable for everyday use because they had been developed after consulting Tricentis customers who already intensively use the execution via DEX.

In February 2019 release 12.1 will be published, featuring a new web-based Agent Monitor which is accessible for every user. TOSCA users will also benefit from the new Agent View: Therewith we will not only monitor all events, but we can also chance perspectives and switch to an agent’s perspective, the agent view. We can monitor and control all agents and their statuses at a glance, and we can have a look at what every single agent is executing and which event is running on which agent.

Release 12.1 will contain optimized tracing functions and a clearly simplified process for error handling. The web-based solution of the agent monitor comes with a new manual and central recover functionality, plus the tool indicates the failure type. Another advantage in respect of usability is that it is no longer necessary to locally configure and edit agents.

Release 12.2 which is announced for mid May 2019 promises more efficiency. To date an agent needs to open a workspace manually, do a look-up, execute and then check-in back into the common repository. The new solution does without manual configurations: The DEX server will take care of the look-up and will automatically provide everything the agent needs for the execution. This way the agent can fully concentrate on the execution. “This is a very fascinating topic. It is a matter of a complex change in the software architecture of TOSCA. This is a big and important step”, explained Thomas Stocker.

Release 12.3 which is expected for July 2019 is devoted to the Slim Execution Agent. The update Slim Agent 2.0 does without a commander functionality and GUI components. It is all about an execution agent which makes sure that executions can run unattended. This way scaling is more efficient, plus this solution is less costly in hosting. Another new feature is that Slim Agent 2.0 will run web-based as cross platform agent.

From release 12.3 on the distribution of test cases is not only possible via execution lists but also on test case level. Tricentis hopes for a more efficient workload of the test agents. According to Thomas Stocker, instead of that one agent receives the whole execution list and all other agents receive none, test cases can be distributed to several agents on test case level. This optimization results from the dialogue with TOSCA customers, too. “Reality has proven that test cases are not autonomous. They relate to each other or need to be run in a certain regularity. Therefore, it does not always make sense to work with execution lists one after another. Thus, it is important to us that we can also offer the distribution on test case level”, Thomas Stocker explained.

For release 13.0 upcoming in October 2019 Tricentis is working on a feature regarding event scheduling. The new function will probably be integrated step by step. We are expecting a kind of calendaric visualization and various triggers such as event based triggers.

Thomas Stocker’s web presentation led to a vivid discussion. The members of the Interest Group Tosca shared tips and experiences, and Thomas Stocker attended to one or the other aspect which might be interesting for the product development of TOSCA. The first web-meeting appealed to the group, so the course is set for a mix of personal and virtual meetings of the Interest Group Tosca. We will keep you informed.

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05 November 2018 - Aargauische Kantonalbank, Aarau

Tricentis Accelerate: Much ado about much?

Where does the journey lead? A question that has once more been on the agenda of the Interest Group Tosca meeting at Aargauische Kantonalbank in Aarau on November 5th, 2018. Amongst a group of 20 participants we discussed the topics of Tricentis Accelerate, the conference which had just taken place in Vienna in October. We dived into Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Tricentis Cloud and Test Data Management (TDM). And we welcomed very special guests.

More than 50 keynote speeches, discussions, workshops and seminars took place at the twelfth Tricentis Accelerate, and this is just one indication for the strong international expansion of Tricentis. We discussed our learnings, for instance on the consolidation of QASymphony in Tricentis and thereby the integration of the qTest platform in Tosca. Or in regard to the new release 2.2 of Q-up, the test data generator which helps you to create and provide test data easily, quickly and traceable in an automated and anonymized way. Also we talked about practical experience in the integration of Flood in qTest.

This lead us to debating the Tricentis Robotic Process Automation (RPA). With the help of RPA, routine jobs and routine processes can be executed quickly by software instead of humans – which enhances not only the accuracy and the reliability, but also the company result. With RPA, structured and unstructured data can be processed and interactions between applications can be automated. Managing RPA should be easy for you if you already work with Tosca, particularly as you can as easily reuse, duplicate or change tasks which you have set once. Some of our guests even felt Tricentis was presenting an old technology in a new outfit. We will examine this carefully at one of the next meetings of Interest Group Tosca.

We put a question mark on Tricentis Cloud. Opinions differed when we examined the additional benefits of the cloud solution for banks. We will also stick to this topic.

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Thinking outside the box, this is also characteristic of the Interest Group Tosca. We were very happy that Manuel Eppert and Gianmarco Marinello introduced the social project Nai Nami. Nai Nami offers unique Nairobi tours. The Nai Nami tourguides have lived, just as about 60 till 70 percent (!) of the 4.5 mio. Nairobians, in slums. Now, following the motto “Our Streets – Our Stories”, they tell about their life: about growing up in the slums of the Kenyan capital, about begging and the vicious circle of poverty, crime and drug usage. Nai Nami enables young Nairobians to exit the vicious circle by earning a fixed income as a tourguide and moving out from the slum. Find more information on www.nai-nami.com.

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04 July 2018 - Infometis AG, Zürich

Integration of Jira within Tosca landscape.

“Some might think that applications can directly be connected with each other. But that is simply not correct".
With this statement, Michael Weiglein of Infometis AG hit the mark of the topic of the Interest Group Tosca on July 4, 2018. We talked about Tasktop as a tie between Jira and Tosca, shared our experiences and our collective knowledge. The group itself had asked for the topic.

20 March 2018 - Sixsentix AG, Zürich

Experience as Embedded Tester in the Scrum Team.

This item is currently under construction and will be back soon.

30 November 2017 – Inventx AG, Zürich

Experiences with the stability of test runs of the participants (dependency on the software landscape, dataset at a multitude of applications which need testing in the international banking sector etc.).

Our last meeting in 2017 took place at the Inventx AG in Brüttisellen.

We had a look at Tosca implementations in a finnova environment and talked about automated software testing with Tosca as an intra-company service and how to best plan and establish it. We also looked at how to generate test data within Tosca. At the end we discussed our experience with the stability of test runs.

This evening encouraged us once more to continue with the Interest Group Tosca in 2018. Automated software testing is such a complex and important area! Looking beyond one’s own nose helps all of us. We look forward to your proposals of a subject out of your everyday work in test automation.

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27 June 2017 – Bank Julius Bär, Zürich

The fifth meeting of the Interest Group Tosca took place at Julius Bär in Zurich Altstetten.

Our host showed us his Tosca implementations – and especially QA Cube of QA Visual Analytics.

With QA Cube Tosca users can generate visual analysis and reportings e.g. of test results and testing coverage. QA Cube collects results – also from other analytics and testing execution tools – and consolidates these in one report.

The simple handling and the clearness of all testing activities convinced us. The attendant test managers who had already gained experience with QA Cube in everyday business life reported on stumbling blocks and how they deal with them.

Thank you to everybody for this open and positive exchange!

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11 April 2017 – Sixsentix AG, Zürich

Sometimes this is exactly right: not to plan a concrete subject but to discuss the topical concerns of the participants.

This is how we proceeded at the meeting of the Interest Group Tosca on 11 April 2017 when we were hosted by the Sixsentix AG in Zurich.

The fact is: Financial services constantly enhance – and so do the softwares behind. Which challenges for the test managers the agility comes along with and how one can deal with them successfully was, amongst others, the subject of our discussion.

For upcoming meetings of the Interest Group Tosca we decided to present best practices from time to time – to learn from and to compare with.

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12 January 2017 – Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank, Liestal

The third meeting of the Interest Group Tosca led us to Liestal into the headquarters of the Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank.

Here a presentation by Tricentis which has been transmitted to Liestal via video conference awaited the participants.

Afterwards the heads were buzzing, because after the Q&A session and a discussion we talked about relevant cruxes, improvements, advantages and disadvantages of the implementation and the applications.

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26 October 2016 – Akros AG, Zürich

Second round of the Interest Group Tosca: Hosted by AKROS AG in Zurich we talked about the current technology change of the Tosca modules (Classic, TBox).

The participants additionally placed various challenges they face during their daily work with Tosca and test automation.

Also at the next meetings of the Interest Group Tosca one main topic will be focused on, always complemented by the topical interests of the participants.

We invite everybody who is interested to suggest topics for the next meetings. Please also feel cordially invited to play a part in one of the next meetings with a presentation or an example of best practice.

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18 May 2016 – Au Premier, Zurich

Premiere: Shortly after Whitsunday 2016 we launched the Interest Group Tosca on 18 May.

At this first meeting we wanted to investigate the current concerns of the Tosca users, consultants and developers in order to orient the next meetings toward their needs.

We quickly got into the first topic where the shoe pinched: the other side of the coin of agile software development. Because on the other side of the fast (further) development tripping hazards such as slips or bugs may occur.

The meeting demonstrated that there is a big need for professional exchange on test automation with Tosca. We are looking forward to the next meetings of the Interest Group Tosca!

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