Just knowledge is no longer enough. Especially if you plan bigger, maybe your organisation is on the way to „agile Enterprise“. It needs eager ambassadors in your own rows. And the need to internalis the fact, that this change process will remain no isolated case. The fact, that continuous change – flexibility and adaptability – from now on belongs to the DNA, as a basis for a healthy existence.
We are the signpost and driver of your transformation. We tie together our expert's assessment for change processes in IT and banking business with the systemic oaching approach. This is especially valuable for you because agile transformations mostly is founded in IT projects. From here on we transfer the gained knowledge into other enterprise areas.
We are the coach of change processes on your side, at all hierarchy levels and in all necessary constellations: individual coaching, team coaching and change process.

Change Management

We live in a time where there is maybe just one constant: change. Digitization, globalisation, the change of the working worlds – all great chances for your enterprise! By now it is crucial how we deal with it. Do we tackle the possibilities and understand the challenges of change as a chances? Do we succeed in strengthen our employees for the change? And how can we implement continuous change – flexibility and adaptability – with lasting effect in the enterprise? We work this out this together with you.

Team Coaching & Workshops

Team Coaching & Workshops

When we tackle the chances, team coachings and workshops are a component of a comprehensive change process or can furthermmore be helpful to manage several "hard" and "soft" topics. In our role as an external companion we present the discussions with the compulsory neutrality, professionalism and circumspection. You profit from our empathic, solution-oriented approach which stretches the curve of the expectations of the participants to the operational requirements.

Individual Coaching

We strengthen your employees and executives – to be strong for upcoming changes. It is often insecurity, which puts itself in the way of changes in various facets. We meet her with strengthening the resilience. With individual coaching your employees will compile how they become more capable of opposition and more pliable as how to organise themselves – work and regeneration – and how they react more adaptably and more agile to change.