Testautomation with Tosca: Questions and Answers

How does Tosca work? Who needs Tosca? And what about the system environment? Check out the answers on some of the most important questions regarding testautomation with Tosca.

How does Tosca work?

Testautomation with Tosca: Questions and Answers How does Tosca work? Who needs Tosca? And what about the system environment? Check out the answers on some of the most important questions regarding testautomation with Tosca.

Because one of the big advantages compared to manual or script-based methods of software testing is that Tosca users don’t need any scripting knowledge. This enables employees from various departments who are originally specialized in the subjects of the tests and the banking processes to become test managers and test engineers.

Tosca users work in very clear and functional user interfaces within the Tosca Testsuite which employees without technical background can easily handle.

Therefore even team members without IT or technical background are able to develop and set up automated tests and complete end-to-end-testing scenarios with Tosca – in order to achieve the highest possible risk contribution.

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Who needs Tosca? Who needs testautomation?

Every organization using software, whether company, bank, public sector or NGO.

Imagine you are at a rental car counter, just about to pick up your reserved car. And all of a sudden the computers conk out, just because of a software update.

  • You can think of testautomation as a safety net. Your systems will run perfectly even after updates, upgrades or release changes. Possible errors can be spotted in good time and can be resolved quickly, before follow-up costs or a loss of reputation arise.
  • Testautomation deals with software updates which are initiated by yourself as well as with software updates initiated by the software company or the operating system. 
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What do I need Tosca for? What do I need automated software testing for?

With the aid of testautomation and test management you make sure that the softwares used in your organization run trouble-free at any time. This way you minimize and eliminate your company risks: You avoid breakdowns, e.g. of machines, of services or in production. You benefit from a consistent quality in product, delivery quality and quality of service.

Automated software testing helps you with:

  • regression testing – when software errors have been fixed or a software has been developed further
  • software testing with various configurations or on different platforms
  • data-driven testing when repeated testing with different data is needed

Compared to manual or script-based methods of software testing, automated software testing with Tosca is much more efficient, powerful, agile, economic and far more easily scalable.

And because no scripting knowledge is needed when working with Tosca, it is those employees who can work on the testing scenarios who know a lot about the testing subjects – e.g. employees who originally come from the banking department, and not from the IT department.

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What are the benefits of Tosca? What are the benefits of script-based testautomation?

With the help of testautomation you enhance the quality of your software. Read here how you benefit from script-based testautomation with Tosca.

  • Automated regression tests secure the continuous system stability and functionality even after changes within the software
  • After the initial investment they enormously shorten the expenditure of time for testing and developing– for fast releases and fast readiness for marketing.
  • Continuous testing secures the quality management of your software on a continuing, and not just punctual basis
  • With Tricentis Tosca all of your testing is based stable.
  • Once set up, the tests are easily and quickly repeatable. Testautomation guarantees repeatability
  • Automated tests run especially quickly – and accurate
  • Automated software tests come with infinite scalability – at no additional costs!
  • Execute additional test runs at no additional costs
  • The tests may be executed without direct user interaction
  • The testers gain time for the development of testing scenarios
  • Agile development method: In case of changing testing requirements only single test modules need to be adjusted. And then these adjustments can be rolled out over all test cases – with just a few clicks!
  • The automated testings with Tosca are easily serviceable.
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Does database testing work for Tosca?

Yes, with Tricentis Tosca you can directly test on a database – without interface. This is so much faster compared to testings running via GUI. Example:

Imagine you would like to execute 50,000 test cases, and each of them needs one minute for running through a GUI. And now imagine your 50,000 test cases would instead be verified directly on your database – just within a few milliseconds. This is possible with Tosca!

By the way: With Tosca you have a choice: You can either test on the database (NON-UI, via API) – or via the user interface.

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Can one test with Tosca without interface?

Yes, with Tosca you can already execute automated tests when the graphical user interface (GUI) does not exist yet (of if none at all is planned).

This is a matter of particular interest regarding software development. Because this way you can execute tests already just on the framework of the new software and become aware of errors, weak points or room for improvement at the earliest possible.

Which system environment do I need for Tosca?

It is so easy: You can start right away if you have a laptop or PC with operating system. You install Tosca just like other programmes you download from the internet. Ask Tricentis Tosca for a non-binding test account.

If you are the only one working on software testing, you can work on your local computer. But in case several users cooperate and need access to the same databases, you will need a shared drive.

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Is there an alternative to Tosca?

We take a tough stance: Times are over for manual and script-based testing. Manual testing just does not come up to the many advantages of testautomation with Tosca. Therefore our answer is: No.

Why do I need an external Tosca expert?

We support you especially during the initial stage. We give you start-off aid when you begin working with Tricentis Tosca – or during special challenges. It is our goal to make your employees become automation specialists themselves! We love to share our knowledge and to train your team of inhouse testers.

Besides our detailed Tosca knowledge we particularly support you as intermediary and “translator”. We support you in understanding the requirements of the banking departments and to transfer them into the testing. Vice versa we adjust the requirements of your IT department and conciliate them with those of the banking departments.

We are specialized in the financial sector. We have worked in banks for many years and are familiar with the special requirements of the financial industry.

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Which knowledge do I need for working with Tosca? Who can work with Tosca?

Everybody who can work with well-established programmes with contemporary GUI such as the Office Suite, a CRM system, SAP or Oracle can work with Tosca. For working with Tosca no programming skills are required.

It is much more important that the person in charge for designing and executing the tests is familiar with the processes and subjects. We recommend a test manager / test engineer comes with:

  • Analytical comprehension: in order to understand and to design processes, to operate with data and to develop (complex) test cases which are well-thought-out, clearly laid out and as redundant as possible
  • Ability to abstract: in order to reproduce business processes and to design new processes
  • Ability to communicate and empathy: in order to develop the best possible solutions in cooperation with the banking departments and the IT/development department
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