Test Automation with Tosca

Tosca Testing Experts

We are Tosca testing experts in Switzerland. We have profound and extensive Tosca know-how and experience. Since more than 6 years, we are intensively engaged with Tosca test automation.

We know about the full lifecycle approach, from the testing requirements, to test case design, test execution and real-time analytics. We are able to accurately reproduce your business processes within Tosca and to support you in using Tosca in order to minimize time, effort, and cost.

Working with Tosca

You have chosen Tosca for model-based test automation and test management and you are now asking yourself: How can I best work with Tosca? We deliver start-up support and support you flexibly as required.

We help you with your questions regarding organization, responsibility, and quality management. We support you in defining your requirements and in involving the various departments and stakeholders into the process.

As Tosca experts, we quickly get a general idea and take workload away from you. You benefit from our expertise – and from the know-how transfer into your company! Because we coach and train your employees for they can master Tosca on their own.

Because we know the functions and tools of Tosca and because of our profound Tosca best practice experience we are able to quickly conciliate your needs with the Tosca tools. This way we make sure that you extensively profit from the testing automation and that your team does not lose focus.

We also pay attention to making your tests run stable during daily business. Together with your team, we set up the test design and make sure that it can easily analyse and stabilize the test runs.  

Risk Coverage Optimization for Software Testing

You have switched from manual testing to automation testing – or you are planning to execute automation testing in-house? Test automation with Tosca is agile, fast and flexible and helps you minimize your risks.

You safe time, and your test scenarios get closer to reality. With Continuous Integration (CI) your testing project becomes agile. Enhancements that were coded just yesterday can run within your testing already today. Continuous Integration (CI) supports you in quickly identifying and eliminating mistakes. You reach new levels of speed and accuracy.

Plus: With automated testing, you can execute as many test runs as you wish without additional costs.

Optimizing Efficiency

When you decide to go with automation testing, you might ask yourself: Which test cases should be provided within the test case design? Which test cases cover the biggest risks? How can I set up the test cases without redundancies?

Supported by our hands-on experience in model-based testing with Tosca you can manage your automated tests efficiently and avoid redundancies. We help you to carve out the relevant test cases you need in order to go-live.

This way you can test efficiently: maximum test coverage, minimum number of test cases.

Model-based Test Automation

We are thrilled by model-based test automation. May we set you on fire?

One of the big benefits is the agility of automation testing. You might know from your system landscape that new enhancements again and again require quick and reliable tests.

Model-based test automation is so much more powerful, more cost-efficient, more agile and scalable then script-based testing could ever be!

In model-based test automation, the test cases are based on modules. Whenever the test requirements change, only single modules need to be adapted. Then these adaptations can be rolled out on all test cases – with just a few clicks. That saves a lot of manual work. Plus, with Tosca your test management remains stable within an ever-changing environment.

Testautomation with Tosca: Questions and Answers

How does Tosca work? Who needs Tosca? And what about the system environment? Check out the answers on some of the most important questions regarding testautomation with Tosca.