A traffic accident, an inattentiveness, an exceeding the speed limit or another incident:
You are quickly entangled with punishments, leader's identity card denial, forms and similar.

Hand over your legal problem - we resolve it

Thanks to long-standing experience in the service industry we resolve your problem competent and fast.

Contact Bettina Flury-Campanini by e-mail or phone +41 78 600 61 72.

Thanks to long-standing experience in the service industry we resolve your problem competent and fast.

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Legal advice with competence and discretion


- You need juridical advice or another juridical support?

- You want to check up acts?

- You need a statement for the traffic velvet or for the public prosecutor's office?


- You do not understand a letter or a possession of the authority?

- You have difficulties while filling a form?

- You have problems in dealing with authorities or assurances?

Contact us. We give advise - competently, uncomplicated and honestly on eye level.

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Our special field is traffic right. However, we also know a lot in other legal areas. We speak the legal language and break fast into new areas.
With check your concern with pleasure. We have a huge network. If necessary we link you to specialists or a contact point. 

We write letters or statements (for example for the traffic velvet or for the penal authority), fill out forms for you or help you if you have received post which you do not understand, e.g., because of linguistic difficulties.


The clarification whether we can help you is free of charge. Send us e-mail and describe your problem or your question. You get informed about your options and a cost estimation. You will decide whether you want to take up our services.

Discretion goes without saying.

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Bettina Flury-Campanini disposes of the Saint Gallische legal agent patent as well as various technical trainings in right, police, guidance, communication and informatics.
Member Saint Galler legal agent's association;

Legal agents consult in legal issues, represent people in the procedure in court and other authorities and can certify the genuineness of copies and signatures.


Knowledge and experience acquired as

- Assistant in a solicitor's office by writing of legal fonts, preparation of traffic cases, leading of the industrial tribunal office and similar topics.

- Policewoman by the admission / treatment of traffic accidents or displays in the traffic and criminal law and foreign right, traffic checks and further topics.

- Legal agent by leading various penal procedures at the public prosecutor's office in particular in the area of the traffic right.

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